Our Aspirations

This is a company built with a lot of love and patience. Built for no other reason than the enjoyment of something that many people haven't been exposed and educated on, delicious tea and all the benefits that come with drinking it. The aspirations that we at Steep City Teas have can be summarized as follows:

We strongly believe that our daily lives can improve by drinking at least one cup of tea a day. The health benefits of tea are seemingly endless. Being high in antioxidants, tea can potentially help prevent cancer, heart disease, and diabetes; encourage weight loss, lower cholesterol and reduce stress while bringing about mental alertness through L-Theanine, an amino acid found almost exclusively in tea. This chemical reduces stress and when combined with caffeine, is a really nice harmony. It's what we call urban harmony.

We are proud to be a local Miami business! Our goal is to be actively involved in the community by participating in local events, festivals, local markets and any other local gathering. We like to encourage and partner with local musicians, fashionistas, offices, artists, businesses, entrepreneurs and more to help integrate a healthy Steep City lifestyle into the community.

We believe it is important to give back to the community that helps us grow hence we are committed to donating a portion of all revenues to City Year Miami. They are an education focused non-profit organization that unites young people of all backgrounds for a year of full-time service to keep students in school and on track to graduation. Learn about what we are doing today with the video below. It is impressive and we are proud to be a part of it. 

(Click here to learn more about City Year)

No matter how you see it, we all have to share this planet. We strongly believe everyone should be conscious of our environmental impact today. If you can walk, walk. If you can recycle, recycle. As an environmentally conscious business we try to minimize our impact on the world as much as we can. We buy used boxes when available. We recycle newspapers from offices for shipping supplies when available. Help us continue minimizing our impact on the environment even as we grow and reach out to us if your office has materials that we may be able to use.

As long as we exist, we promise YOU to continue bringing delicious tea that you can drink at work or at home, alone or with others. We promise to sell the best tea accessories available at reasonable prices. If you like a particular tea, let us know. If you don't like a blend, also let us know. Our teas will come and go with the seasons so help us know what you are liking or not. 

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