Earl Grey de la Crème

Earl Grey de la Crème


Everyone knows or has heard of Earl Grey. If you drink tea or don't, you may still know that this name carries some sort of weight in the tea community. Especially in the English tea world. There's a reason for that, but only when it is done right. Interestingly enough, Earl Grey was not a preferred tea of the Steep City duo. It was not until they found the right black tea blended with actual vanilla beans that gave rise to this creation. It's rich, heady, strong like you would expect it to be. At the same time it is smooth, creamy, and perfectly complemented by the vanilla beans it has. It's awesome. Royally awesome. 


Whole leaf black tea, actual vanilla beans, blue flowers, vanilla flavor, and of course bergamot flavor.


Amount: 1 teaspoon per 8 oz for hot tea. Add a splash of milk and sugar for optimal awesome.

Steep at: 212 degrees for 3 minutes. 

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