The Food of the Gods - Theobromine

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You already know that tea is very good for you, but we thought we would share some more details of stuff found inside the tea leaf. Aside from having the amino acid L-Theanine, which is shown to reduce stress, enhance mental processing, and more, tea also contains an alkaloid from the cacao plant called Theobromine. The word itself is derived from Theobroma, the name of the genus of the cacao tree. Theobroma is derived from the Greek words θεος (theos), meaning "god," and βρῶμα (broma), meaning "food". It translates to "food of the gods." It is found in very rich chocolate and, as you would guess, tea.

The effects of Theobromine are various. In modern medicine it's used to widen your blood vessels and stimulate the heart. It's often used to treat patients that suffer from high blood pressure. 

Ever heard of people becoming addicted to chocolate? That's the Theobromine, although I don't necessarily think addiction to chocolate is that common... or is it? Supposedly, it is also said to contribute to an increased libido. Yes, an aphrodisiac. Fantastic. In 2004, it was studied in The Imperial College of London and found to be a great cough suppressor as well. It's no wonder why it's linked to "the food of the gods". 

We don't know the exact level of concentration of Theobromine in tea as it varies by type of tea, but it allows one to further admire the beauty of tea. If you read the "Tea & Health" portion of our website, you already know there is a myriad of health benefits linked to tea, this is just one more aspect to it. To us, the most fascinating thing about tea is how nature has managed to pack so much goodness into one plant. It truly is magnificent, and as we always say, an urban harmony for us to enjoy every day. Keep up the steep our friends, you know your body loves it. Till next time!

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